The World's Most Innovative PoS Token More then just an Ethereum Token.
Earn extra tokens by holding a Cookie for a period of time!
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Cookie is the World's most innovative Proof-of-Stake ERC20 token with 100% Interest based on Ethereum Network that implements all standard methods. Proof-of-Stake mechanism enables Cookie holders an option of earning extra tokens by holding Cookies for a period grater or equal than minimum coin age.

A fully decentralized and secured framework will allow anyone in the world to hold and transfer assets in a unique peer-to-peer fashion with zero cost. Payments will be anonymous, secure and blazingly fast, which will be achieved with state of the art technology.

Cookie is not just a ERC20 token. It's a new way of holding and transferring assets around the world. A new era of Crypto Tokens!

ERC20 Token


Name: Cookie

Symbol: COOKIE

Decimals: 18

Max Total Supply: 12M

Initial Supply: 2M


Min Coin Age: 2 Days

Max Coin Age: 40 Days

1st Year Interest: 100%

2nd Year Interest: 80%

3rd - 15th Year Interest: 15%

Airdrop Guide

1Ethereum Wallet

You can participate in Cookie Airdrop by providing an Ethereum Wallet address. You can create the address at MyEtherWallet.

2Submit a form

1st round of COOKIE Airdrop ended.

3Receive tokens

Tokens will be distributed in groups according to the official announcement of the Airdrop at Twitter or BitcoinTalk.

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